Innovative engineering, stylish design and durability were combined to create the most impressive Glute-Ham on the Market. Its unique design allows for athletes of all sizes to perform activities safely and comfortably.

    7-gauge steel construction
    Innovative pad design offers numerous activity positions plus the traditional Glute-Ham exercises
    Curved upper pads offer a unique shelf to help in aligning the athlete into proper position
    The gradual curve of the pads provides a comfortable and supportive platform
    Pad can be rotated to 16 positions, allowing the athlete the option of utilizing the flat padded platform, ideal for abdominal activity.
    Two welded hooks on the underside offer the option of attaching bands, increasing the versatility of this equipment, providing band work support
    The foot support system operates on hidden rails beneath the platform, providing a walk-through design eliminating the tripping hazard of a center support bar.
    Vertical and horizontal movement of the footrest is achieved by pressing on the two pedals at it's base.
    Horizontal movement is enabled by hidden rails allowing for smooth operation and walk through design.
    The piston driven footrest makes adjustments effortlessly, quickly and safely.

UCS Spirit (USA)