UCS Platforms are constructed from the finest materials available,
providing the strongest and most durable platforms.

The unique “cropped corner” shape eliminates dangerous edges and tripping hazards. A custom formed 11-gauge steel frame squeezes the three main sections together and attaches to the rack to prevent movement during use. The 1.5" steel lip and routed understructure corners ensure the frame cannot be dislodged during use. Comprised of three layers, the two rubber sections are first constructed with 2" x 4" select pine followed by a layer of 1.125" engineered wood. The final layer is 0.75" rubber surface to absorb the impact of weights, minimizing noise. The center section is built identically to the rubber sections with the final layer 0.75" select tongue and groove oak. Six layers of polyurethane protect the logos and UCS Platform. Two layers are applied prior to logo application.

Includes insert to connect with specified rack. Custom logo is also included.

UCS Spirit (USA)