The all new UCS SQUAT TRAINER has been
designed to give your athletes the ultimate tool for
explosive power. Continuing the tradition of UCS,
the UCS SQUAT TRAINER is built from 7-gauge steel
tube and 1/4” steel plate.

Configured to allow your athletes to attain a full
squat, the UCS SQUAT TRAINER is a great addition
to any performance program. Shoulder pads
adjust with a single hand while the athlete is on
the machine, no unloading required. The horizontal
mounted weight horns are angled to prevent any risk
of movement during use. The steel reinforced band
provides a quiet and durable movement system.

Welded weight horns and a completely enclosed
structure give the UCS SQUAT TRAINER a clean
and finished look. The athlete’s platform is covered
in a dense 3/4” rubber for sure-footing and impact

UCS Spirit (USA)