Size: 105-135cm
Features: It is wrapped with artificial suede and equipped with double rotary locking and powerful locking devices. The grounding chain plays a role in protection .Combined with the rubber floor,one of them has the adjustable balanced foot. Adjustable height corresponds to the standards of competition.

Altitude controller
When you contrarotate the controller,the inner column is separated from outer colum tabel-board can move when the safe turn button is drew. It can be locked automatically when turn button released. It corresponds to the standards of competition. Height adjustment scope is between 105-135cm and increased by every 5cm. The back installed handle is very safe.

Speedy altitude controller
With the widely use of vault board,to save time for regulating the height is important. For the old vault,it took several minutes. However,it only needs 10seconds by using our product.

Protective layer for safety
The shore in the middle is wrapped with little foams. Carpet outside the foams is effectively fire-tardant.

Base controller
Although most grounds are flat,theoretically,the equipments with four legs are difficult to balance. Therefore,every leg of the base of vault board is installed a 5mm height controller. Usually,to regulate one leg is enough to keep balance.